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6 years ago

The New AquaBed AB-550

November 16th, 2018 (SEATTLE, WA) - Firstech, the award-winning maker of consumer electronics for vehicles and homes, is announcing the release of the AquaBed AB-550, a heating and cooling solution for all bed sizes.

The AB-550, similar to previous AquaBed models, utilizes water circulation to heat and cool bed surfaces. Every AquaBed system includes an external water heater that features a control panel for adjusting temperature and runtime. During operation, the AquaBed pumps warm or cool water through a soft mattress pad that is included with the system, resulting in a heated/cooled bed.

The new AquaBed AB-550 now offers cooling features, making the product more useful during the hot summer months. This is made possible by the built-in Peltier cooler inside of the water heater unit. When the user inputs a desired temperature that is lower than the system's current temperature, the water heater activates the Peltier cooler, providing a "cooling" effect to the user's bed.

In addition to cooling features, the AquaBed AB-550 also features an "Auto Mode", which allows users to set a daily time for the system to start heating or cooling the bed. Whereas previous AquaBed models needed to be manually activated, the AquaBed AB-550 can be programmed once and left alone until the user desires to change their settings.

The AquaBed AB-550 is available in all bed sizes, including Twin and California King. Prices range from $499.99 for twin to $899.99 for king dual-zone. Dual-zone systems, which are available for Queen and King size beds, include two water heaters and a mattress pad that is split down the middle for couples that want to separately control temperature and runtime. Queen- and King-single models feature mattress pads that heat and cool one half of the bed.

To learn more about the AquaBed AB-550 and other Firstech products, please visit or reference the contact below.

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Justin Lee
Marketing Director, Firstech, LLC.