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The Safest Way to Heat & Cool Your Bed

The all-new Aqua Bed heats and cools your bed, making it the perfect solution for all seasons. Starting at $499.00.

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AquaBed® Classic

Starting at $249.99

AquaBed® Heating & Cooling

Starting at $499.99

How Does it Work?


"I got this product for my 84 year old dad who was using an electric blanket. He was thin and frail and cold all the time. I had issues with the emf's with the blanket, so I did my research and found this product. He loved it and I am impressed with the quality and that it works so well. "


"Few greater joys than climbing into a warm bed on a cold night. Aqua Bedwarmer does just that if you can train yourself to turn it on 15 minutes before bedtime. And that is my only complaint, an automatic timer to turn warmer on at a set schedule would be a great feature to be added. Otherwise, it works as described. "


"I love the Aqua bed warmer! I use it all the time. I feel safe and warm knowing it’s just heated with water. The only thing I’ve found that bother me a little is that our mattress pad is big and the straps don’t fit around the corners to keep it from sliding around. Otherwise a 5 star all the way!"


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