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6 years ago

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Electric blankets have been a popular way to heat up beds and blankets for decades - especially in the UK and South Korea. While the popularity of electric blankets has steadily grown over the past decade in North America, the technology inside of these blankets has remained the same.

What is an electric blanket?

Electric blankets wrap insulated wires or heating components with fabric. These components heat up when the blanket is plugged into a wall outlet, operating on either 12 or 24 volts. Some electric blankets have an additional temperature control unit, which manages the amount of electrical current entering the blanket.

While electric blankets can often be a quick and inexpensive fix for a cold bed, there are significant issues and risks associated with their use that stems from the fact that sleeping on top of electric wires and coils is generally considered unsafe.

The Problem with electric blankets

  • Electric blankets are a fire hazard. - The number one reason why electric blankets are considered dangerous is that they present significant fire risks. Fires associated with electric blankets occur primarily due to the overheating and/or malfunction of the heating components inside of electric blankets, all of which are bundled in fabric that could potentially combust.
  • Electric blankets can cause overheating. - Overheating a bed by a couple degrees will only result in sweaty pajamas. However, for individuals with diabetes or with lost sensitivity in their extremities - overheating is a serious risk, and can result in burns and heat rash. Because of this, electric blankets are also not recommended for small children or expecting mothers.

The Best Alternative to electric blankets

Simply put - sleeping on top of electric wires that are bundled with fabric is not the safest way to sleep. Instead, choose the safer way to sleep warm and comfortable : The AquaBed!

The AquaBed uses water-circulation technology to bring a soft heat to your bed. The system works by heating and pumping warm water through a soft mattress pad placed on top of your bed. In other words, when you sleep with AquaBed, the only thing you and your loved ones comes in contact with is water (encased in flexible tubes). The AquaBed eliminates 100% of fire risks because there are no electric wires: just water! In addition the cotton-polyester pad included with every AquaBed system has been ETL-tested and certified for fire safety.

In addition to removing all fire risks, the AquaBed also has a built-in temperature sensor and timer that allows users to precisely dial in the level of heat on the bed. In addition, the AquaBed's timer will automatically shut off the AquaBed after the predetermined runtime has elapsed. This prevents overheating and heating from continuing indefinitely.

How to get the AquaBed

The AquaBed is available for sale on and The AquaBed can be purchased in all sizes, with dual-zone versions available for Queen and King bed sizes.