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AquaBed® Warmer 2nd Gen | Non-Electric Heating Blanket & Mattress Pad w/ Cooling


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10% Off for a Limited Time! Introducing our 2nd Generation system, now with Auto mode! Warms up and Cools down your bed! The best alternative to electric blankets in 2020. Available for Twin, Full, Queen* and King* size beds. Includes:

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    Sleep at Your Perfect Temperature

    The AquaBed 2nd Generation Heating & Cooling system circulates water through a soft mattress pad to bring your bed to your ideal sleeping temperature. Choose any one of our Dual systems for dual-zone control.

    AquaBed is the safest alternative to electric blankets because it eliminates all electric wires and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from your sleeping area, keeping you and your loved ones safe AND warm.

    Complete Comfort Control

    Whether you want to sleep toasty throughout winter, or cool during summer - the AquaBed has you covered with degree-by-degree temperature (50º-158º) and runtime (1-24hr) controls.

    If you are shopping for a Queen or King size bed warmer, your system will come with TWO control units so that you and your partner can sleep in harmonious comfort.

    Sleep Warm in the Winter

    The AquaBed is the best bed warmer and alternative to electric blankets. Our systems only use water to safely and softly warm up your bed, blankets, and pillows.

    Set the AquaBed control unit to heat your bed to your perfect temperature. Keep it cozy all night at a comfortable 95º water temperature, or bump it up 115º to get the bed nice and toasty before bedtime.
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    Sleep Cool in the Summer

    Get better sleep during the summer by cooling your bed with the AquaBed system. The AquaBed control unit has a built-in peltier cooler that will chill the water in your system to your desired temperature, reducing night sweats and uncomfortable nights.

    Similarly to the heating, AquaBed's cooling effects are soft and subtle to ensure your comfort and safety. When cooling, the AquaBed has an average cooling effect of -10º below room temperature.
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    Soft and Comfortable Pad

    The AquaBed mattress pad is made of a soft cotton/polyester blend with an internal tubing system that is both discrete and durable. Place the mattress pad underneath your bed's fitted sheet and you'll barely notice it's there.

    No Wires, Just Water

    The AquaBed is the perfect alternative to electric blankets. Instead of harmful electric wires, the AquaBed circulates water to cool down/warm up your bed.

    Auto Timer Mode

    Program your AquaBed to automatically warm up or cool down your bed at a preset time. Once Auto Timer is set, your AquaBed control unit will automatically activate at the same time every evening. So when you're ready to sleep, your bed will be ready too.

    Safe for the Family

    The AquaBed is safe for everyone in your family - including children and grandparents. Each system features numerous safety sensors to prevent overheating or leaking from ever occurring.

    The AquaBed eliminates all risks and concerns associated with traditional electric blankets. It is ETL-listed and certified for fire safety and emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs) within your direct sleeping area.

    Your Purchase, Protected.

    Every Aqua Bed Warmer purchase comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2-Year Warranty that protects you from any defects or malfunctioning components. If it doesn't work, we will fix it!

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