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The Safest Way to Heat Your Bed.

Save 10% on AquaBed, the safest non-EMF solution to heating your bed this winter. No coupon code required.

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aquabed aqua bed warmer

AquaBed® 2nd Generation

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AquaBed® Classic

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How Does AquaBed Work?

The AquaBed utilizes water-circulation to distribute heating and cooling effects to the bed. The AquaBed eliminates all electric wires, fire hazards, and EMFs from the sleeping area, keeping you warm and safe.


"My elderly parents love it!"


"Few greater joys than climbing into a warm bed on a cold night. Aqua Bedwarmer does just that if you can train yourself to turn it on 15 minutes before bedtime."


"I love the Aqua bed warmer! I use it all the time. I feel safe and warm knowing it’s just heated with water. "


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