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No Wires, Just Water

The Aqua Bed Warmer circulates water through a soft mattress pad that goes directly on top of your mattress underneath a fitted sheet.

No Wires, Just Water

Aqua bed warmer heater unit

The Heater

Everything starts and ends with our water heater, which safely and efficiently heats the water inside to your specified temperature.

  • Temperature and runtime control icon Temperature & Runtime Control
  • Quiet icon Whisper Quiet Operation

The Pad

The water heater's built-in motor pumps the warm water through the mattress pad's intricate tubing system, distributing heat evenly throughout the bed.

  • Cotton icon 100% Cotton Mattress Pad
  • icon plush top for comfort Plush Top for Comfort
Aqua bed warmer heater pad
Aqua bed warmer dual unit

The Experience

As warm water circulates through the mattress pad, a magical thing happens: your bed, your blankets, and your pillows will all be warmed to your perfect sleeping temperature.

Select either a single or dual heating experience.

Single SystemDual System


  • Is the Aqua Bed Warmer safe? Absolutely! The Aqua Bed Warmer only uses heated water to heat your bed at night. It is just as safe as sleeping with a hot water bottle at night, except it will stay warm as long as you want it to. Unlike traditional electric blankets, there are no health or fire risks associated with the Aqua Bed Warmer.
  • How often do I have to change out the water in my Aqua Bed Warmer Water Heater? We recommend that you switch out the water in your AquaHeater once every 3-4 months. Directions on how to switch out your water can be found in your Aqua Bed Warmer user manual.
  • Are Electric Blankets safe? Electric blankets can be dangerous for a number of reasons. First, if damaged, electric blankets can easily overheat and present both burn and fire risks to individuals. If you are pregnant or elderly, electric blankets are an unnecessary risk in the bedroom.

    Electric blankets also emit electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. While the effects of EMFs is subject to debate and discussion, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has issued cautionary advisories regarding excessive exposure. The Aqua Bed Warmer is the safest alternative to electric blankets and has no electromagnetic fields, or no EMFs.
  • Does the Aqua Bed Warmer fit my bed? The Aqua Bed Warmer is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. The mattress pad is sized based on industry standards for bed sizes and may be an inch short or long depending on your mattress manufacturer.
  • Where should I place my Aqua Bed Warmer Water Heater? The Water Heater can be placed anywhere it is within reach of the AquaPad’s connecting cord. However, we strongly recommend keeping the AquaHeater less than 2 feet above or below the AquaPad to ensure consistent water circulation. Deep/soft carpets can also be troublesome for the AquaHeater if the tilt sensor (located on the bottom of the heater) cannot detect the floor.
  • Can I use the Aqua Bed Warmer during pregnancy? The Aqua Bed Warmer only uses heated, circulating water to heat your bed, so it is 100% safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Will the Aqua Bed Warmer Mattress Pad break or leak? The Aqua Bed Warmer mattress pad comprises two components: the internal tube-circulation system and the 100% cotton padding. Both components are built to endure immense weight pressure. Thus, the internal tube-circulation system will not clog or leak unless concentrated, even if sharp pressure from something like a chair is rested upon our mattress pad.
  • Is the Aqua Bed Warmer safe for my parents/grandparents? The Aqua Bed Warmer is very safe for parents and grandparents particularly because it eliminates the risk of overheating/burning, which is a common problem associated with electric blankets. Since your parents/grandparents will be able to adjust their heating temperatures/runtimes, you won’t have to worry about them getting too hot or uncomfortable at night.
  • Is the Aqua Bed Warmer safe for my children? The Aqua Bed Warmer is a great and safe choice for children. However, we strongly urge all parents to take precautions when setting temperatures and runtimes. Also, we do not recommend that babies or infants sleep alone with the Aqua Bed Warmer.
  • Where can I purchase my Aqua Bed Warmer? At this time, the Aqua Bed Warmer is exclusively available on and If you'd like to place your order over the phone, please call our toll free line at (855)646-AQUA.
  • How do I register my Aqua Bed Warmer warranty? Please visit our warranty registration page to register your Aqua Bed Warmer.
  • Can I wash the Aqua Bed Warmer mattress pad? Yes. In order to wash your Aqua Bed Warmer mattress pad, disconnect the pad from the water heater. Seal the connectors for both the water heater and the pad with the black rubber caps that were included with your system. This is very important to avoid soapy water from entering the tubing system.

    Once removed from the bed, use a spray and wash solution to target any stains. Then, wash the pad using warm or cold settings (not hot). For drying, use a delicate dry setting with medium heat. If after one cycle, the pad is still slightly damp, air dry rather than running the pad again.

    While the twin and full size pads will fit in most washing machines, the queen and king size pads are much larger and may only fit in a commercial washing machine. We recommend washing the mattress pad 1-2 times per year.