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    • 21 Jul 2013

      Are Electric Blankets Dangerous?

      Written by Justin

      The Aqua Bed Warmer is the safest way to heat your bed because it only exposes you to safe water heat. Other electric blankets, on the other hand, use electric wires and coils to heat your bed, exposing you to the following dangers and risks:
      1. Electric-wire blankets are fire hazards. In a study conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry, 1 out of 3 electric-wire heating blankets were found to be unsafe due to fire hazards. The study also revealed over 5,000 reported instances of fires caused by defective or faulty electric-wire blankets.

      3. Electric-wire blankets expose you to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).When using an electric blanket that has electric wires, a person is exposed to up to 20mG (miliGauss) of electromagnetic radiation; 20 times greater than the exposure level recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thus, the use of an electric-wire blanket would be qualified by the EPA as chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields.
        EMF exposure greatly increases with one’s proximity to the appliance/electric device, which is why electric-wire blankets expose you to so many EMFs.

      5. Cheap electric blankets can cause burns. Most cheaper models of electric blankets and bed warmers provide little control over the temperature of the bed. Often, overheating can occur as a result of this lack of control. In severe cases, this can result in burns and nerve damage.
        Elderly individuals, or individuals with diabetes, are strongly discouraged from using electric blankets because of this risk of overheating. Pregnant women should also avoid using these products because it could put them at risk.

      So when you are choosing the best way to heat your bed this year, go the safest route with the Aqua Bed Warmer.

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