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The Safest Electric Blanket

Aqua Bed Warmer safely provides gentle heat to your sleep area using warm water circulation, instead of electric wires, making it the clear choice for healthy living.

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Heat via H2O

Aqua Bed Warmer’s heating
surface relies on pure, natural
water instead of electric wires.

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Natural Heat

Unlike conventional electric blankets, the Aqua Bed Warmer’s heating element operates away from your body – keeping nothing but warmth and comfort between you and your bed.

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Built for Safety

Conventional electric blankets expose you to high levels of radiation from electromagnetic fields. Aqua Bed Warmer channels safe, natural heat throughout the surface of your mattress – it’s the safest way to find rest and relaxation.

Safe for the family

Sleep Soundly at Night

No Electric

Whisper Quiet

Cost Savings

Slip into a cozy,
comfortable bed

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Set It &
Forget It

Create the perfect temperature for your sleep area - for as little as one hour to as long as twenty-four. Aqua Bed Warmer lets you dream in comfort.

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Meets Control

Adjust your Aqua Bed Warmer to the perfect setting with our large, back-lit display. Current temperature, run-time, and water level are available with the touch of a button. Simple yet smart - it's easy to warm up to an Aqua Bed Warmer.

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A Restful Sleep

Aqua Bed Warmer is designed to provide the rest and relaxation you've been searching for. With tranquility in mind, we engineered the heating element to operate quietly - neutralizing operating noise to keep your sleep environment undisturbed.

Water down your heating bill

Comfortably Confident

Made of 100% cotton, Aqua Bed Warmer is built for lasting comfort.

Each unit is safety certified and backed by a 2-year warranty – helping you sleep even better at night.

Make an excuse to stay in

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